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  • PLEASE give me direction!

    I recently picked up a copy of CTP2 and do enjoy the game BUT it's limitations are very frusturating to me. So I've made up my mind to make the game more to my taste. Problem is I'm not sure how. I've copied all SLIC docs down and plan to study them while I'm not at school. Any suggestions pointing me in the right direction would probably be very benificial to me. Something like try modifing the AI by changing this (whatever example). Are you picking up what I'm laying down? Please reply any comment or suggestion will help being that I'm starting from square one.

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    you might want to try installing some of the mods and scenarios that are already out and study those.
    The beauty of CTP2 though is that anyone can modify it. As for the AI, I'm not the person to ask, though I do admit it really does SUCK.
    Also, theres a link to a program on Locutus's Website (or at least there was) that really helps with modifying files- Editplus.
    Hope this helps.
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      If you want to mess around with the AI you should definitely read this thread. SLIC can indeed be used to improve the AI but the best place to start is with the files in the aidata folder. Once you discover that you can't do what you want with those files, SLIC is the next step.
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