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Help with EnableAdvance for units

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  • Help with EnableAdvance for units

    I have added all the units to my mod (I have about 150 units), and made a new tech tree.
    At first, I thought I will use two advances to enable some units. This way, Atomic bomb would require only fission, nuke fission and rocketry, ballistic subs fission and submarine warfare, etc.
    I am currently implemting my tehc tree in the game. And it doesn't work! If if use several EnableAdvance lines in my units.txt file, the game loads fine, but only one of the avdance is taken into account.
    Any idea?

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    To do that you will probably have to create new advances. Make up one new advance which will enable the "ballistic sub" and have the pre-requisites for that advance be 1) fission and 2) submarine warfare. I believe that advances can require two pre-requisite advances but, apparently, units cannot.


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      That's what I thought... But if I use this method, I will have a LOT of techs. I already have about 200. Is there a limit?


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        There is no limit to techs or units. Wonders and buildings are limited to 64 I think.
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          I'm not sure about the no limit for units. I think sprites are limited to 200, thus limiting the nb of units (except if youn use the same sprites)

          I know using to advances as prerequesite for a unit can't be done with the unit.txt file only. Can it be done with SLIC?
          Like unit is buildable only if player has a given tech?


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            Some people have gone ahead and made it so that it is possible only to build a unit if there are proper buildings in the city... so I can't see why checking for a tech would be any different... not that I'm strong in slic coding.


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              From what I can tell, the multiple preqs for units works, it is just that the unit becomes available if you have "any" of the preqs, rather than all of them, as you think it would.