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  • Units/Maps

    Can any one help me CTP2 is new to me i would like to make some Scenarios but how do i make units for it. Also Where Can i Request a Scenario, units, and maps to be built for me and all of you. Plz help me

    I need World War 1 and 2 units to be made or where can I make them.Also i need better Modern units.And 1950 1960 1970 units.

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    For unit sprites try the (using a trick of Rich's)....

    *cough* .... Files database .... *cough*

    To request getting them made, or help on making them, try the creation forum. Search for units. You should get a heap of info.

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      It's going around now isn't it Dale... Units can be made using the sprite maker found in the db under modifications/utilities. All the data required to make them is contained. As for maps and such there is the bmp2ctp2 convertor and there are a few mapmakers out there that may be willing to do some mapmaking. See the creation forum under requests (that is to say do a search for the word request). Everything else is just a generally solved or directed by the creation forum and help forum. Hope to see some new sprites and maybe a few maps. Good luck.