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    I have download the BlueO frenzy, first I install the
    complete diplomat and strategy. I also add new unit and advance to the game. I notice that I can exchange tech with out first install Embassy and the AI are very friendly to me but that is not the problem. The problem is around 13-1500 AD one of the AI develope Gaia Control wonder! I use the cheat mode to see if it has the advance to do it and it does! and the shocking part is it doesn't have all the advance require to reach it. I havn't change anything in the advance.txt relate to gain control tech.

    So I reinstall the game and this time use my new unit, advance and use only strategy from Frenzy. Same thing
    happen. Anyone has experience this problem?

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    YES! I have had this problem also, but I have only used my own modifications. I have added advances, units, and a couple of wonders/improvements. I am very puzzled by this also. I don't know why it happens.

    Although it's very odd, it does not really affect gameplay because there is no way for the AI to build enough obelisks to make the wonder. So I just continue playing. The only problem is the AI devoting resources to the Gaia Controller instead of other things. Oh well.

    If anyone knows why this would happen, please let me know. As magma12 says, the computer obtains the pre-req advance for Gaia but does not have ANY of the pre-req's for THAT advance. Very strange.

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      Well, I have remove the Frenzy and try again. It still
      happen it is not date that trigger it, it is just a few turn
      after I aquire explosive. I double check advance.txt and wonder.txt there is no change to the gain control tech.

      Odd, isn't it?


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        The one that annoys me is the message I get when I discover the tech for the solaris project (don't know what it is) and it then tells me I've built the solaris project. Funny, I don't remember turning a city onto that. Hey look, it's still in my building options. Hmmmmm.............

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          Not had that problem at all. Installed diplofrenzy half-way through a game though. Perhaps that may give you a lead?

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          Nostalgia isn't what it used to be