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  • Personalities and Diplomacy

    Adding more personalities may change the diplomatic atmosphere . With so many playing more than 8 civ this might be something to look at.

    For example
    In the Alexander The Great scenario there are 11 personalities 2 more than the main game .Also changes in the- Civization Text file in Game Data !

    In three of the personalities that have for Discovery:Military in the next line Conquest:1Passive
    In the main game 6 out of 9 personalities are Agressive . In ATG scenario 6 out 11 are Agressive

    Conquest: sets the Ai to resovle disputes through war or diplomacy--- Passive Neutral Agressive

    Maybe someone like Dale or others could find the right mix for more personalities Also dont know how the computor picks the personalities for each game level

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    I've toyed with the idea of adding new personalities but never could come up with anything terribly interesting. IIRC, I thought of putting in a 'Gates' personality who would start off as a scientist/businessman but who change his strategies so as to become a megalomaniac after he discovered computers.

    I think you've got a good point here though. Suppose we have the following victory conditions:

    a) Military
    Domination (66% of land and pop)
    Conquest (100% of cities)

    b) Peaceful
    Diplomatic (everyone is your ally)
    Cultural (?)
    Economic (?)

    c) Default
    Histographic (the default game thingy)

    At the beginning of the game, we ask the player to choose his preferred strategy: military or peaceful. This allows us to determine the sort of AI that he will be playing against. With more 'peaceful yet competitive' personalities we may be able to make the peaceful victory conditions more interesting.

    Another thing to consider here is the possibility of changing AI personalities as the game progresses. As it stands, the personality is associated with the civ at the beginning of the game and stays that way forever. It's true that the civ's strategic and diplomatic states change, but this doesn't seem to be enough. Frozzy made a good point:

    AI leaders are booted every so often and they have civ-like traits. So, the French AI could have Joan D'Arc as a leader (militaristic), and then be booted out and Daladier put in if France lose a war (he would be peaceful). This would decide the way the AI relates to you
    Not only is the specific example he gives rather interesting (we might be able to set it up in such a way that if you really beat up on a nation, they become effectively a vassel; although there could also be factors put in so that they tend to move towards independence unless you assimulate or pacify them or something) but also this idea of changing personalities might be able to give us a better way of dealing with a human player's changing strategies.


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      Sure... I was thinking of something very similar when I was working on my probability+heuristic system here.

      Basically a heuristic like... "have I colonized the island I'm on completely?", if affirmative could pass a message to other parts of the goal system to change its goals and attitude.


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        Thank you for your reply.

        For now I make simple changes like in Userprofile change NonRandomCivs=Yes to =No

        This works most of the time as well --- pick a civ that has miliatry in its personality profile like Russians Chinese.... what every has a personality description with War Many found in Civiization text Gamedata. Seems the progam gives more peaceful nations when you do this .

        Locked alliance for War Many personalities would be perfect mod for this game. Since there is no way to make any treaties with them would give the Ai more power as they love to expand and build more units.

        As it stands now the Ai is a house divded. Some kind
        of automatic pact at the begining of the the game for agressive Ai personalities would consoidate the Ai into a much stronger foe