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Slc Error when pathing air units

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  • Slc Error when pathing air units

    I need some tech help with the files. When I move an air unit by pathing it (moving one space at a time with the keyboard doesn't cause the error) the game exits to the desktop (game running in the taskbar) and I get a message:
    /(gamepath)/ctp2_data/default/gamedata/APOL_airunit.slc:111 Array index 0 out of bounds".

    It also does this once the AI's discover air units and start using them, so that gets REALLY annoying. The game will come back up and run when I click back on the CTP in the taskbar.

    Is there a fix for this?

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    Go to your ..\ctp2_program\ctp\ folder there you find a file called userprofile.txt open it with any text editor of your choice. In this file you will find a line DebugSlic=Yes change it to DebugSlic=No. Once you loaded a game after this procedure you shouldn't be bothered by this error anymore.

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      Thanks Martin! You're a lifesaver. Your help is so much appreciated!