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Turning *on* Pollution in existing game?

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  • Turning *on* Pollution in existing game?

    I've somehow managed to play to 1900 and just now realize that the game is not set to play with pollution turned on! I don't know how I did this. "ON" is supposed to be the default for my games. However, somehow it's off. I've found "Pollution" in the userprofile.txt file and changed it to "Yes" but it doesn't seem to have an affect on my saved games. Are there places I can turn it on without using Cheat Mode? I play Apolyton Pack Giant map mod.

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    I tried it without using the cheat editor, by editing the userprofile.txt and by enabling the write protection of this file. Then I tried to load my save game and CTP2 crashed. The problem with turning of pollution by accident exists since the patch. This problem occurs if you use the cheat editor. One way to save you from starting a game without pollution is to edit the userprofile.txt and write protect it as I said above. I am afraid that you have to find out how to edit the pollution thing with an hex editor (if it is possible, I never tried this).

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