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  • A throwback idea

    In CTP2, when you run out of money, the computer automatically dismantles random improvements within cities in order to keep the budget balanced.

    Now in the one experience I ever had of this in CTP1, it didn't do this at all - it automatically <i>lowered your wage levels</i>. This resulted in what was for me the most entertaining, hilarious, and <i>memorable</i> Civ experience I've ever had. I was playing the Canadians, under a Communist government.

    (If you think about this, this is really quite funny; sinister Mounties tapping people's phones and arresting dissidents in the middle of the night to take them away to prison camps in the Yukon. Well, I think it is. Anyway.)

    I was busily whipping the Spanish with a fleet of tanks and heavy artillery I'd quickly built up through manic use of the "rush buy" command, and had captured three of their cities in one turn, when suddenly two cities (one containing those tanks and artillery I mentioned, the other an island with most of the fleet on it ) and most the empire was racked with riots. This was guessed it, my extravagant spending had resulted in the failure of the Canadian economy (the wage levels had been automatically decreased). These, I realized, were wage riots. And *those*, I realized even more inspired, were the Barcelona and Winnipeg Communes. Maybe most of you would have been angry. But I fell off my chair in surprised delight.

    Just think about it. An 80-year old Communist regime which the rest of the world feared has been brought down and replaced with a democracy, thanks to a weak economy and over-extravagant spending on weapons. Now <i>that</i> would <i>never</i> happen....

    Okay, enough of the waxing lyrical. The point is, I wanted to ask if there's any way I could make that happen in CTP2 - i.e., make the computer automatically reduce wage levels by one notch if the cashflow for the next turn would empty the treasury, instead of selling improvements. I know there must be a line of code telling it to sell an improvement when these conditions are met, so perhaps it's just a question of changing that particular command. Please think of something, you clever clever people? I want the Iron Curtain to be lifted again

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    I'd like to see this included somehow myself.


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      There's no such slic event as not having enough money, but maybe we could check at the end of the turn ourself and do the adjusting before the regular game checks itself and displays the warning.


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        I don't think it's possible to change wage levels through SLIC, but I may well be wrong...


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          no, actually I think you're right - I just looked through all the documentation and couldn't find anything - the only thing I found in that context is the setting for the meaning of changing the setting one notch in the national adviser screen, that's in the const.txt as most of us probably already knew

          edit: just had to post again so I'd become Chieftain in less than a week (as if it'd be important...)