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    I,ve installed the Alt-sci mod and everything but when i try to run the mod i get the following errors,
    Could not find CONCEPT_SCENARIO_RULES in string database or
    Could not find ICON_CONCEPT_SCENARIO_RULES. Can someone please help me fix this problem.

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    That means that in BlueO's concept.txt is an entry called CONCEPT_SCENARIO_RULES, but in his concept.txt shouldn't be such an entry. If you installed the Alt-sci mod as it was intended by BlueO you should have directory called ..\Scenarios\AMod\default\gamedata\ in your default CTP2 directory. There you should find a file called concept.txt it should have the date 1-Nov-2000 so it is the original version of that file. If your file has a different date (I don't know how this is possible) open this file and search for a line that contains the entry CONCEPT_SCENARIO_RULES and put a '#' in front of this line. All lines marked with # are comments in the text files.

    But I think this is rather not the problem. Maybe you overwrote BlueO's scenario.slc by accident. Why should CTP2 search for CONCEPT_SCENARIO_RULES instead of ICON_CONCEPT_SCENARIO_RULES.

    Maybe a clean reinstallation could help.

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      There isnt a file called that in the zip file i,ve got, just gl_str.
      Well i went into the scripts file in gamedata and added the line it was missing, i didnt put a # in front though, but after i did this CTP2 found another script line was missing. had some trouble installing it, with all the Scenarios.slc being named the same.