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    Ok, I just read the last post about the city expansion and that didn't help at all. If anyone can just give me the city expansion mod without any of the other BS/other mods please just post the link here or tell me where to get it or ask for my e-mail adress.

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    The city expansion set is a part of BlueOrange's Alternate Science Mod. The Citysprawl Mod itself it is not a mod. BlueOrange just ripped it from his mod. It contains only parts of the necessary text files and his slic code and the good/city graphics. For the battleview you need the huge *.tga files from his mod anyway. The Citysprawl Mod should only show modders how to implement the city expansion set into their mods. So far I got not any working version of this feature outside BlueO's mod. So the Citysprawl Mod is a do it your self mod.

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