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  • Performance too bad!

    I am sorry to bring up a new thread for this issue. I know there were a lot discussion about this, but I just don't have a clear picture of what's final conclusion.

    Now the problem I have is the long waiting period when AI in it's turn, I am running on a 140 x 280 map, 8 civs, it takes about 10 minutes or even longer for AI to finish its turn on my 3 months' old machine:

    AMD 1.4 Athlon 266FSB
    512MB DDR RAM PC2100 -- 266FSB
    GeForce 2 Pro with 64MB DDR RAM
    UDMA 100 Harddisk on Raid 0 strip --- close to 200MB/Sec transfer rate

    I know if I get a P4 2.0G Xeon, the game will perform better, but think about this, my machine is already better than the system requirement put by the game readme, so where is the end?

    Look into the game, it wastes most of the AI time on moving their units ONE BY ONE, SQUARE BY SQUARE on the map! not thinking stratage! I don't presume AI is entertaining itself by watch the unit moving, this is just because of a bad algorithm to calculate the route of moving a unit, all I want is:

    Don't show me all these unit movings, I don't care, just wipe them out and put them in the place they need to be --- either their planned destination spot or in the middle of somewhere when they encounter a battle or terrian barrier etc.

    And I want the same for my own units too, I don't enjoy the running units on my map --- first time I did, but now I am anoryed, just let them jump up and drop at the spot they need to be.

    I can't imaging in a mordern programming world like we are at now, those CTPII programmers still need to physically move the units ONE BY ONE, SQUARE BY SQUARE on the map so as to find a rounte and any inccidents in the middle of the route.

    Enough complain, btw, anyone has some idea to get better position of this?

    Please advise, and thanks in advance.

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    how do you think I fell I have a p2 266

    I get on just fine I play scenarios a lot just play with one or two players the game likes two or three players put it up to 28 and you will have an all night job.
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      You can disable the unit animations and enemy moves RedArmy. Just press in game excape and you get to the options screen. In the upper right corner you find the buttons game and graphics. Under game you can disable enemy moves and under graphics you can disable the unit animations.

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