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Well, good bye!

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  • Well, good bye!

    Since I needed to install Civ3, I removed both CTP1 & CTP2 from my hard drive.

    This means I won't play those for a while.

    But, if anybody has any questions conserned about my slic & mod files, feel free to ask since I'll still browse these CTP2 forums from time to time.

    I doubt I'll make something more for CTP2, but the things I made were good & improved gameplay.

    I'll probably retire from MOD-making.




    Civ3 gets scripting language and/or MODIFIABLE AI.

    Goodbye, and thanks to everyone!

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    Thanks. Without the mods this game just wasn't playable with any level of fun.
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      Good bye I just hope you'll stick around.

      the way I am going on with my mod it would have took my about 5 weeks longer without you sending some help.

      the big mc
      "Every time I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain" Homer Jay Simpson
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        Goodbye Player1.
        See you in Civ3 probably, though if you ever buy any more hard-disk space, get CtP2 back on
        It was good to have another SLICer around for a while, and you'll be missed.

        Thanks for the mods you wrote too

        Concrete, Abstract, or Squoingy?
        "I don't believe in giving scripting languages because the only additional power they give users is the power to create bugs." - Mike Breitkreutz, Firaxis


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          Remember, if you have any problems with my slics, just ask.


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            Goodbye player1. (Why I hate it to say this? )
            But another question: You worked on a huge mod. At least on something that was/is more than just a few slic files and a modified AI. Is it possible that you could post your entire mod?

            Civ2 military advisor: "No complaints, Sir!"


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              You're leaving CTP2 for THIS?

              Firstly, I had a pact with 2 civs to let them pass thru my land and what that did was an endless movement of units thru my territory where I had to sit for 5 minutes and watch the units move (with animations turned off). My computer is Athlon 1.4GH with 512MB ram and GForceIII card, so it couldn't be my computer. There were hundreds of units moving and there was no way to turn that off so that I don't have to watch that. Plus I had over 100 workers, which actions I had to watch as the screen moved from one to another, and of course no option to turn that off either. ...

              My only solution was to break the agreement with those 2 civs (I spent more time watching the screen move around than playing) and 2 turns after that they declared war on me and took about 5 of my cities where I had very little army stationed and in the middle of my country. As I struggled to take them back moving ONE unit at the time not able to group them and loosing my 20th century units againts 12th century units, and taking couple cities from computer players, there was nothing I could do to make those citizens happy so I lost most cities I got.
              Hope to see you back soon.


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                I'll post that mode here soon.
                But, it isn't documentet well.
                That's why it is:
                MyMOD by player1 ver 0.99


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                  Originally posted by Peter Triggs
                  You're leaving CTP2 for THIS?
                  Fantastic quote
                  Are you collecting these, or should I start?
                  Concrete, Abstract, or Squoingy?
                  "I don't believe in giving scripting languages because the only additional power they give users is the power to create bugs." - Mike Breitkreutz, Firaxis


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                    I just had to save that. It was the one that made me decide not to shell out any money till they get it working properly.


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                      Peter, I think that you are just to hard about civ3.
                      You should give it a try, it is a good game.
                      Although my MODing abilities will RUST (that civ3editor looks EXACT like that in Starcraft), that game is pretty playable.
                      And I think that Firaxis will actually make some patches & correct all bad things.

                      Anyway, Civ3 is no more buggy then CTP1 (& has very good AI), not as CTP2 (pity, it had potential & I liked to play and MOD it).

                      The most I liked in CTP2 is MODing, but after all that time I think I haven't played (really play, not playtest) ANY civ type game for a long time.

                      Actually I more Moded CTP2, then played, and it was FUN!

                      Now I'll play Civ3 for some time.

                      And probapbly not MOD it, if there is no real way to MOD AI.


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                        I still maintain that the best civ style game is Colonization. I really wish somebody would make a sequel to that game. Civ 3 stole a lot of its elements (minor tribes, etc) but screwed up too much else to be terribly playable.