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Having a SLIC error with MedMod

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  • Having a SLIC error with MedMod

    Hello over there!!

    I am sending this post because I am having some problems with the MedMod. Sepcifically, some SLIC errors. Every turn I get an error whics says something like "SLIC error in Object DIP_EstablishEmbassy............ GetCity.....Value out of bounds".

    Does anyone knows what is happening and how can I solve it?

    I have installed the latest patch of ctp2, also.

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    You could look into the file userprofile.txt in your ..\ctp2_program\ctp\ folder. Search for a line DebugSlic=No. If you find a line DebugSlic=Yes, change it to DebugSclic=No. It is no guarantee that this works or that this is the problem. But the only thing that I can consider now.

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      Also make sure that you have installed the CTP2 1.1 patch. If you don't you will get many SLIC errors with MedMod.