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toothless and tame AI after Renaissance

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  • toothless and tame AI after Renaissance

    hi ,

    Im quite new to ctp2 . ive installed the medievil 2 pack and when playing on a world map with 28 civs i have the feeling that when it come to the Renaissance Age even the most agressive civs becomes a tame and toothless tiger . Before the Renaissance Ages its quite a task to keep up with the rest of the world , but when i got there , it seems that it is only a matter of time to win the game , the AI doesnt attack anymore and neither defend his empire nor attacks my troops invading his empire , alltough having enough troops to get my invasion army in trouble . And so playing after the Renaissance ages everything gets easy as stealing a lollipop from a baby cause there is no more challenge in the game . Please dont get me wrong , i dont say the game is to easy , i only want to say , that the AI gets very harmless after the Renaissance , it happens throughout all difficulty settings and i want to keep up challenge throughout
    the whole game.

    Now does anybody how i can change the AI , to be more aggressive from the middle to the end of the game ?
    Or anybody got tutorials or mods for that ?

    thats all folks
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    Now does anybody how i can change the AI , to be more aggressive from the middle to the end of the game ?
    There was a whole thread about this awhile ago: Some thoughts on why the computer does so poorly after 1500 ad or so (in CTP2-General). The only person who knows enough about MedMod to further fine tune it is WesW. But it looks like he's retired so there's not a lot that can be done.

    It's a good question, I wish I had answer.


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      there might be a problem with using med mod if you want agressive games. It's been said before that it's the least agressive of the mods. If you want agressive games try using somethiing else like Craddle. You could also try unit updater, it seems to be working in my game.

      I've gotten al the way to 2170 AD with medmod 2 V1 , and the AI's still have some old units like muskeetmen, even though they can build machine gunners and most of them are in the information age. If they have unit updater they will get their forces updated, but, most of them will probably be disbanded since they don't have enough production, but hopefully pop boom will help them to get more production.

      Look at the settings for Apolyton Pack, and Craddle and try to put some of them into medmod.

      I edited Peter's unit updater for medmod and lowered upgrade cost to 10% production, but I'm starting to think that's to little. Note some units don't get upgraded like the archer doesn't become a bowman. This is intentional, since you'll need to have two kinds of archers, so the archers can be updated to catapults with geometry.

      Go to the unit updater thread to get the MOBs messages and put these in the bottom of MM2_scen_str.txt with the heading

      ## Unit Updater slc strings ##

      Well here's the file:
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