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Earthmap "Scenario" Problems

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  • Martin Gühmann
    I have no idea how to get the Realistic HUGE Earthmap "Scenario" by Dorian Credé, I wasn't able to find this map here in the Apolyton DataBase.

    From your post it looks that the game doesn't find the map in the scenario folder. I can think of two possible reasions for that. On the one hand the savegame.c2g file is really missing in the scenario folder and on the other hand the map was created with CTP2 v1.1 and your are trying to load the map with the unpatched CTP2 v1.0. The not patched CTP2 can't read savegames from the patched version.

    In the first case you have to finish the map by setting the start locations on your own. I would use the option full game and put settlers on the map, because other scenario modes doesn't allow more than eight civs. And save it as scenario and load it.

    In the second case you have to install the patch.

    To give you more help I need more pieces of information about your problem or an hyperlink of that map. I took a look into the Apolyton DataBase but Dorian Credé wasn't there.


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  • jimmyh
    started a topic Earthmap "Scenario" Problems

    Earthmap "Scenario" Problems

    Can any one tell me how to get the Realistic HUGE Earthmap "Scenario" by Dorian Credé working.

    I've set the number of players to 29 in the userprofile.txt, but when I select the scenario it comes up with a loading bar and then I can press launch. Once in the game, there are the correct number of civs but on a very small world. I can loadup the map in the editor but I would like one that has all of the starting locations of every one.