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  • MedMod Technological Advances

    I have been playing MedMod alot lately, and I have noticed that technological advances are taking a long time to reach. I only discover Musketeers in the 1850's, and Fighters are discover in the 2100's. Is this normal. Despite this apparent lateness, my science ranking is the highest in the world. Is there something wrong?

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    Your technological progression depends on how big your civ is, how many other civs you can trade tech with, and the difficulty level you are playing on.
    The mod was designed for a standard sized map with about 6 players, on very hard or impossible.


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      The Game

      Thanks for the info, but I'm not sure it is okay. I am playing on a gigantic map, impossible, with 8 civs. The not-so-great part is that I only reached the fighter stage after trading for some other tech fields. I traded many different advances during the game, so for most of the game, my tech stage has been about equal to the ai civs. Is there a way to decrease the years progressed between turns? Next time I might play on a smaller map. Thanks for the help, and the mod is great.


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        The map shouldn't matter, I play on gigantic all the time with at least 10 civs, and I do fine science wise. You might try building more commerce improvements. In my current games most of my cities are nearly sorrounded by commerce improvements. once you discover mall and you start getting 1000 + PW per turn, start building more ports since they cost less and give more science, I just started doing this now.

        for most of the game, my tech stage has been about equal to the ai civs

        Yeah, the AI civs start to suck in science after gunpowder. This is because they don't build commerce improvements. the only way I can keep them close to my tech level is By giving them My advances.