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Medieval Pack II v2.0 beta: Crusade!

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  • Medieval Pack II v2.0 beta: Crusade!

    Attached here is the "short" version of the Crusade! beta. It contains all the text files needed for the mod, along with a new readme which explains all the changes contained in the mod.
    The new pictures and the Stonehenge avi are not included. Hopefully I will regain access to my webpage soon, where I will post the full version of the mod.

    In addition to the changes mentioned in the readme, I have made changes to the Granary and all post-Renaissance age improvements.
    The Granary and Food Silo no longer cost one gold per citizen, but have set upkeeps. Their effect has been reduced to 25%, and their production costs raised to 500 and 2000, respectively.
    For the other improvements, production costs have been raised by 33%, and upkeep reduced by 33%, except for gold improvements, which remain unchanged.
    Hopefully this will fit the AI's style of play better, which they seem unable to alter to fit the game situation.

    Also, I fixed the bug which allowed the Cog to travel in deep water, and fixed the bugs in the agecitystyle.txt so that all of the sprites are now used.
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