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A challenge for player1 or anyone else who can do it.

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  • A challenge for player1 or anyone else who can do it.

    This involves making pop increase as ages increase. A while ago Martin G mentioned the LDL files and I though I would take a look at them. I went through all the files(What can I say I have no life.) and found that it displays the pop need for each pop point in one of the city files. this is set to 10,000 and I'm sure any one can change that even me, but what I want is to know if it's possible to add more of these lines say one for each age 9 in most mods, but 5 in the original.

    If this can't be done maybe we can do this through slic. For example: if civ x has advance y, then take number in pop window and multiply by z.

    Edit: I just found it, it's in city window.LDL and the text looks like this:

    # Spinner for changing city worker allocation.
    # Location.
    int xpix 88

    # Size.
    int widthpix 76

    # Default value and range.
    int xval 0
    int minxval 0
    int maxxval 10000

    # Default increments.
    int incxval 1
    int pagexval 5
    int focusindex 20

    It has the int maxxval line, doesn't this mean it's a variable in slic.

    I really don't remember if there were more lines like this, but I think there were. if there were then were in business.