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  • Help with Apolyton Mod Pack

    I have never used mods before so I know I am probably doing something wrong. I downloaded the patch, Mod Swap and Apolyton Mod. I installed the patch, installed Mod Swap and installed the Apolyton file in my call to power 2 folder. When I load the mod swap program the only option I get is to load the original game. Anybody want to help me out with this?

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    So far as I know the only reason for that error is that the files with the APOL_ prefix aren't in the right folders. The reason for that could be an obsolete unzip program. Use for this task the newest version of WinZip.

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      Thanks I will try that. I don't know if this will help but I put all the files from the file in the call to power 2 folder. Was I supposed to break them up?


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        I have the latest version of win zip


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          Originally posted by skimbleshanks
          Was I supposed to break them up?
          No, just extract them into your ctp folder and every thing should be fine
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