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Cradle and Apolyton differences at the moment?

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  • Cradle and Apolyton differences at the moment?

    What are the differences between cradle and apolpack at the moment?

    And Apol is not developed anymore but is Cradle?

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    Dale left the forum so i think there is not going to have a future update on the Apolyton Pack.
    It looks like neither MM2 since we do not get a word from Wes in weeks.
    But Craddle has a new update now and will continue to be updated. check the Craddle thread.
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      The main differences are the following...

      Cradle's tech tree/units/wonders/city improvements/tile improvements are slanted toward the Ancient Medieval age. There are many additions in those areas - too many to go into detail here, but the readme and pdf files cover this.

      However, I have also extended the number of turns to play the game, so a game can be carried well into the modern age - though I have yet to play that far in any of my games. I have also added 375 turns to my setup (total of 1,375 turns). And I have also included the means (via file switching) to speed up the advancement through the techs.

      The Mod is VERY playable - but as you can tell as per the MedMod thread, there is always room for improvements - and different players will always have different impressions of what the Mods should be doing.

      Cradle also includes the following SLIC additions, which are not included in either MedMod or the Apolyton Pack
      - Wonder Units: (actual leaders of history who grant vet status to armies and are also powerful in and of themselves). They also will capture a unit of a defeated foe and convert it to a low level infantry unit.
      - Unit Updater: allows a player to update obsolete units via gold reserves. The AI will auto-upgrade with no cost, making the game more of a challenge to the human player
      - Disaster - Newly added, will inflict random acts of destruction throughout the world (not fully tested in a game yet)
      - a weakened version of Frenzy (There seems to be a tradeoff in gameplay regarding AI Frenzy as this may be affecting the whole barbarian/slave revolt aspect of the game. I have drastically bumped up barbarians - however, out of all of the Mods, I think I have the most AI-aggressive one, and I have taken steps to reduce slave revolts in AI cities)

      Cradle also uses the following SLICS - Militias, Diplo 3.5, City Improvement destruction, Capital rebuild and Air Unit fix.

      I do refer you to the readme files and the running threads for more info.
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        I think that when I get my current Apol game to the end I will try Cradle. I have played about one month now and I am in the year 1850. I just killed one bad AI and I am at the top. But there is still one AI that i really bad too. And we haven't seen tanks etc yet.

        So maybe after another month I am ready to test Cradle