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  • Importing maps using /importmap


    I've been having one heck of a time trying to import maps using the /importmap command.

    First of all, I changed my const file so that a Gigantic map is 400x400. Next, I loaded a 400x400 world map by double-clicking on the savegame.csg file. This brought me into the game where I proceeded to open the editor. I then brought up the chat box and exported the map to world_400x400.txt. So far so good. Unfortunately, now when I restart CTP2 and try to import the map all I nothing happens!

    Here are the steps I followed to import the map:

    1. Start up CTP2.
    2. Start a new game.
    3. Load the editor and change the map size to gigantic (if not already).
    4. Bring up the chat box and type "/importmap world_400x400.txt"

    Once I hit they enter key, nothing happens. I just get "ding" sound. Argh.

    Does anyone out there have any ideas?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Are you shure that you really loaded a map of 400X400 you can't be shure that the map included the savegame.csg has really a size of 400X400. But you can check the map's size in the scenario editor, because it shows you the coordinates of the current cursor position. All what you have to do is to search the terrain tile with the highest coordinates. On a world of 400X400 the highest coordinates should be 399X399.

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      Well, I'm not too worried about importing maps now. I'm trying to figure out how to create a map with more than 8 civilizations. I've mapped out the positions for 19 civilizations using the NATION button. Unfortunately, when I start a game, only 8 settlers show up. I did change my userprofile.txt NumPlayers setting to 20. Unfortunately, only 8 settlers show up.

      Any tips?


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        I used to had this same problem but here is what i did.

        1) Start a regular game with the number of civs you wanted (after changed the Userprofile.txt).

        2) Got to Cheat Mode

        3) Load the map you want

        Doing this you ge the map you want but with the civs that you got when started a game.

        I hope this helps.
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          That is a problem if your are using start positions afterwards you started a scenario/map with such settings you are asked to select the number of opponents automaticly. The alternative is to put settlers instead of start positions on the map and use the option full game from the cheat editor menue.

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            Well, I created my map based off a 200x400 Earth world map and placed Settler's for all 19 nations I decided would play on this map. I switched the option to Full Game, saved the scenario, and everything seems to work perfectly.

            My *only* problem it seems now is that I can't choose the name of the ruler and change the sex (male/female). This isn't a big deal I guess but it would be nice to figure out why those buttons are text box (for the name) are greyed out.

            This is the nation dialog box that I'm talking about. I load my scenario and I am then presented with a choice of which nation I'd like to play. I can't change the name or the sex of the ruler for that nation (I've never like the name Franklin

            Anyone have any ideas?


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              Edit scen_str.txt in the scenario file structure to whatever you want. Its quite easy to figure out.

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                Originally posted by Dire Wolf

                I can't change the name or the sex of the ruler for that nation (I've never like the name Franklin
                If you are playing Apolyton you can only choose one leader in oppose to the original game since there is only one leader picture for each civ. Actually going to the file:
                Call to Power 2/ ctp2_data/ english/ gamedata/ APOL_civ_str.txt
                you will see that the two leaders are still there but both male/female has the same name. You can easily edit them by changing the names between " "

                AMERICAN_LEADERM_NAME     "Franklin D. Roosevelt"
                AMERICAN_LEADERF_NAME      "Franklin D. Roosevelt"
                "Kill a man and you are a murder.
                Kill thousands and you are a conquer.
                Kill all and you are a God!"
                -Jean Rostand