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  • Questions on scenario building...

    hi all,

    I got questions which i hope you expert modders out there could help me fix...
    FYI, i'm creating a scenario on modern day india-pakistan nuke war and came across these problems;

    1) On leader personality type i have a problem of it not being able to change in my scenario savegame. I can change the player leader name, country, etc (modifying civ_str.txt and civilisation.txt) but the leader personality always remain the same, the original one. Let me put it in this way:-
    When we start off a new scenario, we don't get to choose the civilisation race. So when player 2 is given to me at random by the game as Chinese with PERSONALITY_STALIN but when i modify to India the leader personality was still aggressive and militant showing that the more passive PERSONALITY_GHANDI that is default for India did not take effect.

    2) If I need to change some file in the gamedata directory, i only need to transfer those modified files to the scenario directory to take effect, right? Else by default, it should always refer to the main ctp2 dir. PLs confirm this. Say i need to loosen the # of city threshold, i modify the govern.txt and copy it over to the scenario dir to have it take effect?

    3) Anyway to impose a timelimit on the scenario length say 100 turns?

    4) Any quick way to set the state of diplomacy/regard for each country other than the manual way i.e. move your units beside the city for initial contact and propose treaty blah2?

    In my scenario i was intending to have objective cities and time limit for you to conquer the obj which will give you points very much like the Alexander scenario that come with game or Civ II. But unfortunately i feel it's kind of tedious and experience on the Alexander scenario really discourage me from doing it. I played the Alexander scenario but the game didn't give me my final score(out of 60!) when i complete it. Something didn't work! I notice that not all the events that i read in the slic file was triggered when it should i.e. the Sogdia rebels should stop rebeling when i captured that particular city, or no sons was born despite being married to some indian princess(i complete the game in 122 turns...was that too fast before she can conceive??). None of the message strings in the slic on DariusIII pop out despite i defeated him as though it is a non-event. When i captured the last city of on the map i.e. me the only civ on the map, the game automatically end with the usual score in 13000+ but not the special scenario point system which is counted out of 60. I dunno if anybody else gone thru the same thing before.
    Oops. my message is getting too long..
    Hope to hear some answers from u vets out there!

    General Maximus