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what's missing from the database?

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  • what's missing from the database?

    "there mark, you see that pile of files?"
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    But you knew I would say that...

    ...Even a hyperlink to my site in the database would be nice.

    Do you still have the hyperlink I sent last weekend to you? (Saves you the trouble of downloading the file yourself.)

    My overriding ambition in life is to get it posted here (shameless begging)
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      Go Hexa!


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        Only one thing really: a manager...

        Seriously, I think Dale sent in a bunch of files a while ago, as well as Martin Gühmann and I think even Immortal Wombat and probably others sent in some stuff over the last few months. The MedMod reference should be updated as well, it still refers to an early alpha edition of ACTA!
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          Of course CityMod2 here is version 2.1 with full compartibility for GoodMod as I promissed in the GoodMod readme and some minor fixes:

          If you need a image for CityMod2 here is it:

          I made a little soundfix for CTP2 it is located on my page and somewhere in this forum:

          And finally a working add a file page for the CTP2 DataBase here is my suggestion:

          And take a look on Hexagonian's and Immortal Wombat's pages. There you can find Dales Mods so far as I know they are aslo supposed for the DataBase.

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            ...and coming soon: Natural disasters coding.

            Dales mods can be found here if you need.
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              Here is another one (OK it isn't my work, but that is something really missing) ReadZFSFile version from Martin the Dane it can be found here:


              or here is the direct link:


              Here is Martin's description about it (can be found on his page):

              Extracts and displays files from the .zfs files found in Civ:CTP and CTP2. This new version can be used to extract and display text, graphics, and sound files. Furthermore ReadZFSFile can save the .rim files found in the graphics-.zfs's as either .rim or .tga-files. There is no help file, but a short readme.txt
              By the way it replace every screencapture that can be found in the DataBase.

              So MarkG when we see the next update of the DataBase???????

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                I have the feeling that OmniGod is still the DataBase Manager take a look on the Apolyton team:
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                  OK Markros,

                  I cracked the add a file page in order to make it work. And send the *.zip file and the image concerning CityMod2 to both email addresses that I know.


                  Here is the stuff that I got after submitting my link:

                  We have received the following link:

                  Title: CityMod2
                  Synopsis: Here is CityMod2 version 2.1 of Citymod in English and German. It

                  replaced Citymod and Englishcitymod and gives you 4 new city styles with

                  graphics for two new ages. Including a set of new images for the Great Library.
                  Description: This mod contains the city graphics for four new city styles and two new ages.

                  The new city styles are Castle style, Central American Pyramid style, Egyptain

                  Pyramid style and

                  a Palace style.

                  Additional this mood adds five new ages: Classical, Medieval, Industrial,

                  Computer and Future.

                  The graphics for the modern age are replaced by a new Modern style (five

                  graphics for each style,

                  the origianl Modern style is uesed for the Computer age.

                  The total number of new city graphics of this mod is now 91.

                  Now to the authors of the different graphics:

                  The Castle style and the Central American Pyramid style inclusive all the

                  graphics for the

                  Industrial age are made by Harlan Thompson.

                  I added the Egyptain Pyramid style and all graphics for the new Modern age.

                  The Graphics of the Palace style are by PinkFriend (I don't know his real name).

                  I only added to this style the graphics for the Industrial age and the new

                  Modern age.

                  I thougt the roofs with a green patina looks better than the original blue-grey

                  tone of PinkFriend

                  Therefore I made his roofs green.

                  CityMod2 bases on CityMod and that was only possible of Harlan's work from

                  HARLAN'S GRAPHICS MOD, VERSION 1.0. The 41 new city graphics are my own work.

                  The Classic.tga

                  is taken from TECHNOLOGY GRAPHICS FOR CTP2 VERSION 1.1 by Harlan Thompson. I

                  remade the

                  Industri.tga. Now it is better, because I was able to find all parts of this


                  Contact Name: Martin Gühmann
                  Contact Email:
                  Category: Mods
                  Requirement: None
                  Version: 2.1
                  Size: 2755kb

                  Thank you! We will send you an email once your link has been validated.
                  More or less I went know the official way and I am now waiting for the validation notification. By the way this thread has a very low rating, because you ask to complete the DataBase, and didn't do it.

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                    I got back both emails.
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                      OK Markos,

                      I am waiting.

                      Some days ago I sent you all necessary files for CityMod2 to your second alternative email address. And now the CTP2 DadBase Manager is missing officially.

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                        Is there any place I could post my slic files?
                        (exept here on Forums)


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                          Time to party, a ctp2 file db update!!

                          CityMod2 is now available here at Apolyton.

                          I cracked this non working at a file form and sent the whole 2.7Mb file to MarkG gamestats email account. I guess that was to big to be overlooked. If you need a working version of this add a file form
                          here is one. And one note: It was my idea to add the Tertiary File option I don't know if it works.

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