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Idea not saying if its good or bad

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  • Idea not saying if its good or bad

    I have been playing all the civilation games for a few years and recently i was talking to an online buddy. We have early warning devices such as radar and sonar but how about a offensive warning system. Tile improvements like land mines and underwater mines. when the enemy rolls over it the units take minimal damage depending on the unit settlers of course would be vaporized. This can also lead to units such as mine sweepers who can attempt to disarm the mines but they do not have a 100% chance of accomplishing it. Battleships should have the ability to unload depth charges on submarines something similiar to what a bomber does to units and cities. I also wanted to say something to ones complaining the AI is to weak in the later ages. What i do is share my advances with them usually advanced tile improvements and weaponry of course i dont give away my latest offensive weapon. Also alliances in the game should be kept unless their is a reason for an alliance being canceled. Recently America dropped my alliance with out any cause ?????? This gave me my first civ to attack and helped me build my empire up.
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    Land, sea and space mines they were so close in CTP1, therefore it is not very difficuilt to make the graphics for. That is only improting the sea mine from the CTP1 *.til file to the CTP2 one(the land mine is allready in). I think it not very hard to make them eplode if a unit not only a enemy unit but also a friendly and a own unit as well steps on that mine. I think the real problem is to make the AI build mines. Building tile improvements is not one of the strengh of the AI. Without slic that makes the AI build such mines it would only be another unfair advantage to the human.

    By the way here was allready a thread about the topic.

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