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Invalid Page Fault from CTP2.exe after running Apolyton Pack 1.02

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  • Invalid Page Fault from CTP2.exe after running Apolyton Pack 1.02

    first, I want to say to Dale, if you read this, I am sorry to bug you, or have Apolyton pack related to this problem. I have fairly good estimation that it is not the problem from Apolyton pack, but from the game itself or somewhere in my PC. But the reason I put it here is, first I didn't have this problem while playing original CTP2 (with patch 1.11), second I have no where else to throw my problem to and look for help.
    the Invalid Page error pops up at the round 314, when CTP2 is in AI's turn. if I go back a few turns, to load what I saved, I can still play it from there, but turn 314 seems cursed, I can never go beyond that. and it seems too late to have this damn, I have no mood to try start another game and see if I can bypass turn 314 next time.
    I've went through the Help part on this site and some forum threads, but all of them say, even if I ask help from Activision, I will be told to check if I have latest DirectX, video driver, sound card driver, turn off other applications, change screen resolution to minimum, etc. etc. so I tried all of them, still the samething. and I don't believe those will solve my problem, because it is not a new install, but in the middle of the game.
    I am running Apolyton pack 1.02 in huge map (140 x 280), on AMD 1.4G, 1/2GB RAM, 64MB video RAM.
    Please help, it's really odd to be forced to stop when the game gets exciting.

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    Why you don't attach the savegame as *.zip or *.rar file. If the compressed file is to huge you could cut it in two or three pieces for two or three different posts with a hex editor.

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      I see what you mean, Martin, let me have another try this weekend, then I will do what you said. Thanks for the update, I know this is a tough call.