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Maximum city improvements issue

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  • Maximum city improvements issue

    It seems that there is either a limitation or an error in CTP2 regarding the city improvements.
    When you add more than 64 city improvements to the buildings.txt the following happens:
    In the city's build manager the "improvement 65" is listed correctly when you reach the enabling advance. You can add that improvement to the build list and it starts to build it.
    But when the round is reached in which the improvement should be finished, instead of finishing the improvement and adding it to the inventory list of the city the improvement is moved back to the availible improvements list and you can add it now to the build list and build it again.
    Sometimes a unit would be build instead of the improvement.

    I was using the MedMod2 as i found that issue so i'm not sure if the mod is affecting it or not but i don't think so.


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    Its a known limitation. It sucks but there you go. Wonders are also limited to 64, and unit-sprites to 199. Grrrr
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