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Who knows the Limitations in CTP2?

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  • Who knows the Limitations in CTP2?

    I am a new comer of CTP2, I was hesitating whether to play it as I was a long time player of CIV2 (still my favourate). But Civ2 seems has too many limitations, like:

    - map size
    - # of player
    - # of gold
    - # of cities
    - # of units (either total number of units or types of units)
    - # of future technology
    - # of ... something I may not know ... but above list is long enough

    then I bought ToT, that thing was just a piece of xxxx!

    now I got CTP2, not very fun at the beginning, as it seems slow, (PII 350 with 256MB RAM and S3 4MB Vedio Card, don't laugh), but from the forum here CTP2 seems overcomes all the above limitions!!! yes! however, realisticly, there still should be some limits, now the question, does anyone know about them?

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    Map size: I don't know the maxium map size, but you should be able to blow up the size more or less to realistic dimensions if you have enough computer power.

    Gold: The maximum gold value is much higher as in Civ2 I never reached the limit. And I am shure that you won't negative values of gold.

    Cities: In comparison to Civ2 I never reached the maximum number of cities in CTP1. And in CTP2 I also never reach the maximum number, because a city use more space of the map in CTP2 as in Civ2 or CTP1.

    Units: It should be possible to implement 999 units. In the standard game there are more or less 70 units. I didn't count the unit types.

    Future technology: In comparison to CTP1 there are no future techs in CTP2 but that can be fixed by a mod. In CTP1 the future techs modified only something like the pollution. They don't give you any score points.

    Extras: There is a better city administration system that saves a lot of time. Tile improvements for water terrains. Tile improvements are put by publics works on the map not by armies of settlers. That saves also a lot of time, because you don't have to move the settlers give them the build road or farm order. I had in Civ2 more than 200 settlers.


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      Ok, there are still limits in Ctp2, but they are rather large - here you go (for comparison, Civ2 limits are also included):

      - map size:- For Ctp2 it is 32768*32768=1073741824 squares (but forget this, since I don't believe any PC currently in existence could cope with this without crashing), for Civ2 it is 10000 squares. If you download the "No limits" patch here from Apolyton, this can increase the maximum map size in Civ2 to 32768 squares.

      - # of player:- In Ctp2 this is 8 civilizations + the Barbarians. You can edit the text files, though, to get up to 31 civilizations + the Barbarians. In Civ2 the limit is 7 civilizations + the Barbarians. Even the "No limits" patch does not increase the limit here.

      - # of gold:- I am not sure what the limit is in Ctp2, but in Civ2 it is 30,000 gold. If you download the "No limits" patch, though, this limit can be completely eliminated from Civ2 and you can have infinite gold.

      - # of cities:- Yet again, I don't know what the limit is for Ctp2, but for Civ2 it is 255 cities. The "No limits" patch can increase this number to 272. A way has been found to completely eliminate this limit in ToT, but I am not sure whether it has been incorporated into the ToT version of the "No limits" patch yet, though it certainly will be at some stage.

      - # of units (either total number of units or types of units):- I don't know the limit for Ctp2, but in Civ2 the limit is 2048 units. The "No limits" patch increases this to 2050 units, which is not much help.

      - # of future technology:- This doesn't exist in Ctp2, but in Civ2 the limit is 255 future techs.

      I sincerely recommend you to download the "No limits" patch for Civ2 here from Apolyton.
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        Hold it- unless I'm teribly mistaken CTP2 can't see sprite numbers over 200.
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          Yep, only 200 sprite numbers, but if units use the same sprites then the number of UNITS is unlimited. (or a very high number anyway)
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