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  • Need MOD help...

    Hello everyone

    Ive been playing since civ1 and still love the game, I just recently got CTP2. after reading the forums a bit its looks as tho i shouldnt give CTP2 a second look. but ive played civ2 enuf now and i wanna try something different. it sounds as tho everyone hates the CTP2s AI and thats the main problem but thats OK for me cuz im playing multi-player with a friend. Anyways the point of me writing is to find out what other MOD and patches there are for CTP2. I downloaded the main patch 1_11 and i see stuff being mentioned about a diplomacy patch aswell. can some1 tell me where to find all the available patches and MODs?

    thanx in advance

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    Or select "Files" from the CTP2 main-page.

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