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  • The Diplomod mod

    Did anyone here ever used the Diplomod mod?
    Well, in the readme.txt it says that I should come to this forum in order to learn how to:
    1 - Increase AI timeslices in const.txt.
    2 - Play on larger maps. My diplomacy model works better on them.
    3 - Change all "SpecialUnitsCount" in strategies.txt to double what they are now.

    Please tell me that, and one ore thing:
    Do I need to change anything in my scenario's files also concerning to these things?
    Let people hear what they want to hear

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    1. In const.txt, make the changes to the following entry.
    AI_GOAL_TIME_SLICE 125 # time in milliseconds for an AI frame
    AI_MAX_TIME_SLICE 1250 # (in milliseconds)if the ai exceeds this time its turn is ended
    AI_TOTAL_TIME_SLICE 15000 # (in milliseconds) if the total time in time in the ai player

    2. Play on large or gigantic maps

    3. Look for the following entries in the strategies.txt file. There are several places where this appears.
    // Number of special units that should be built

    There is a number after each entry. Double the number after the 'SpecialUnitsCount' entry
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      The larger map means increasing the map to something beyond the shipped sizes... a larger say 200x200, 200x400 or whatever you feel your computer can handle... the mod can be played at the gigantic size aswell if you don't wish to change it. To change the map sizes you need to go into the const.txt found in ctp2_data/default/gamedata and change the lines MAP_SIZE_SMALL 26 52 2 to say MAP_SIZE_SMALL 200 200 2... the middle numbers are x and y map sizes. The y should by activision standards be twice the x direction, but doesn't necessarily have to be. Enjoy.