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Alternate Sci-fi Mod completed!

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    I didn't see the SciFi mod on your page. Is it posted anywhere else yet?
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      *cough*... database... *cough*

      Rich - gotta do something about that cough.


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        Originally posted by Huysmans_666 on 01-29-2001 05:50 AM
        Hey there,

        I've played the mod for some time now and I'm thrilled, no errors no crashes, splendid, but there is one items which is not very realistic.

        When I opened the trade manager, very early in the game and later on still, it said to me that if I were to trade the selfmade goode it would give me 3300-3500 per trade route per turn !!!

        I created 10 of those and was richer than Bill himself within a couple of turns.
        Therefore if you do this you can rushbuy everything in the game and that is not very realistic I think.

        Is this a bug or a glitch in the mod ???

        Its more of a ctp2 design feature. Ctp2 apparently uses some weird and inexplicable trade model. I've tried very hard and unsuccessfully to make all those selfmade goods a value of zero, but as you can see, i was unsuccessful. When those goods first come into existence, you can get an amazing amount of money for them. But within a few turns, prices of those goods will drop to like 1 or 2 gold per route when other civs start getting them too. Only the Black Market goods will remain very high, since there will be very few of those in the world. In the end, I left it as is. Overtime, all selfmade goods value will drop to a nearly worthless value, so I guess it will balance itself out. Still, I would rather set the value of those goods manually, if I can...but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Anyone else know?


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          *offering Rich a butter menthol*

          Butter menthol for that cough mate?

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            Blue, there are some bugs in your new version. First, the sky dragon unit can't be selected, and both it and the sky citadel have no tifs (im sure you knew that). Also, whats it with you and all the erotic sprites??
            For the next version you need the most powerful of em all, the BRITNEY Unit!
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              Hey, I only draw them the way it is! If those amazons want to go nude, who am I to argue, no?

              Both Sky dragons and citadel were meant for the barbarian race only. That's why they can neither be selected or contains icons.
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                LOL, Britney unit.

                I'm afraid if you made that one I would have way to much fun killing it.

                As for the Amazons, heck I wouldn't argue with them either. Besides that, the scanty outfits are to distract the males fighting them. It makes it easier to defeat them.
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                  Hi there,

                  I just love your MOD really I do

                  I'm sure I downloaded your mod after the 22nd of january so it should be v1.03 but when I look it still says 1.01

                  What version do I have.

                  Oh and I posted this on another forum but maybe you can help me ! I installed your mod first, played a game, saved it, installed diplomod 3.1 and now when I try to open the savegame. it gives a error saying it misses a sprite file in the asset tree ???????

                  How do I fix this?


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                    Originally posted by Huysmans_666 on 02-01-2001 03:11 AM

                    Oh and I posted this on another forum but maybe you can help me ! I installed your mod first, played a game, saved it, installed diplomod 3.1 and now when I try to open the savegame. it gives a error saying it misses a sprite file in the asset tree ???????

                    How do I fix this?

                    The problem isn't the diplomod, its ctp2. Everytime you want to load a scenario game, you have to launch a new game with the mod first, then from within the new game, load up your saved game. If you don't do this everytime you load up your saved game, then its too late. Your saved game is screwed up, it can't be fixed. In fact, if you are already getting the error, its too late for that saved game.


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                      Well ain't that a $#%#@, start all over again, just when it was going right for me.

                      Well thanx for the explanation !


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                        I'm enjoying this mod very much. I'm looking forward to later in the game when I have to struggle to survive instead of just mopping up.
                        However, I'm having the black screen problem. I can't find the Battleview.ldl other than the original one. How can I fix this problem?


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                          In the battleview.ldl, look for the BattleViewTerrainTable block. Change the numstrings to 46. Then add these lines to the end of that block.

                          string string26 "bv001.tga"
                          string string27 "bv002.tga"
                          string string28 "bv003.tga"
                          string string29 "bv004.tga"
                          string string30 "upbg007.tga"
                          string string31 "bv000.tga"
                          string string32 "bv000.tga"
                          string string33 "bv000.tga"
                          string string34 "bv000.tga"
                          string string35 "bv000.tga"
                          string string36 "bv000.tga"
                          string string37 "bv000.tga"
                          string string38 "bv000.tga"
                          string string39 "bv000.tga"
                          string string40 "bv000.tga"
                          string string41 "bv000.tga"
                          string string42 "upbg007.tga"
                          string string43 "bv000.tga"
                          string string44 "upbg007.tga"
                          string string45 "upbg007.tga"


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                            I think the city expansion feature is great, but I really don't like the road building feature. You said that the code automatically uses PW to build roads immediately around cities. Sometimes there are more important things like preventing my city from starving, when I need other things than roads. How do I turn this feature off?

                            And another bug I found. When selecting empire nationalities, the names of the rulers and the countries are one apart. I pick China and get canadian names, etc.

                            Thanks if you can fix these major/minor bugs.

                            Don't nuke it
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                            Don't nuke it


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                              Whenevery I try to play your mod, I get the error "Could not find CONCEPT_INDUSTRIAL_AGE in string database. I copied gl_str.txt into the mod files, but it didn't help.

                              Any Ideas on how to correct this?


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                                Blue, I remember you saying a while back that you had made new sprites of the Amazons that were much smaller than the original ones. Where can I get these? The ones on Omni's site are the old, huge sized ones.