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  • WELCOME (what to post here)

    welcome to our new forum for CTP2 Mods and Scenarios

    this is a place for:

    - announcement of new mods/scenarios/maps
    - discussion for the development of specific mods/scenarios
    - suggestion of ideas for new mods/scenarios

    this is not a place for
    - general creation question and discussion which belongs in the CTP2-Creation forum

    i hope thing are clear

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    I think your Forum is the most Socialist Bureaucracy.
    Its too damn confusing ! Anyway you guys should put more ads so you can draw a profit from Apolyton.(seeing as how your a monopoly anyway).

    Turn the Cannons Around , Turn the Cannons, Turn them around - Lou Armistead ; Confederate General uttered these words on top the stone wall , Upon Breaking the union line.Minutes later he was shot.


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      first of all, i fail to see how something privately owned can be socialist

      second, all you have to do is ask and you shall find the right place to post your thread!