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  • EcoMod

    I'm working on a futuristic mod to expand the genetic/ecological side of the tech tree and make biowarfare more effective, but I need to do some SLIC programming that is beyond my abilities, if anyone has some spare time to help then I would be very grateful.

    1) A biowarhead that acts similar to a nuke : Kills all military units in attacked city, decreses the population by 1/3 and spreads a plague (like the infector)

    2) A ViralInfantry (or a better name): Lowers the hitpoints of a defending army if it attacks (possibly by raising the attackers hitpoints)

    I think that this should be fairly easy, but my use of SLIC is almost completely non-existant, so I would be grateful for some help.

    Concrete, Abstract, or Squoingy?
    "I don't believe in giving scripting languages because the only additional power they give users is the power to create bugs." - Mike Breitkreutz, Firaxis

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    Don't know about number 2, but i beliebve that for no. 1 you could do it all in units.txt, just mix the abiliites of the units, that already have the abilites.