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    Anyone find out if this really does anything?
    :) :( :o :D ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad: :eek: :confused:


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      i played 2 weeks on a p100 (near a hundred hours)

      i played on a medium map at medium difficulty with 3 or 4 AIs
      near the end of the game(i was making the gaia controler) each turn was around 1 or 2 mins so i dont think this values are used in ctp2 sorry guys

      that would have been great


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        I think you need to be informed about something... Not sure, but I think you got something a bit wrong...

        The time setting is the time it takes per unit and base to decide what to do. Increate the individual time, and it will look longer (or further away, if it is a unit) for a good move. The last slider is the total time it may take.

        So, the more units an AI has, the longer a turn takes for him, that is also why the AI is slower at the end of the game (duh ). Trick is, when you dont increase the last number enough, the computer might "skip" units and cities because it is out of time. Increasing the first two settings too much will increase the time it takes for each "unit" too much, and you will have to wait about 10 minutes for every AI player


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          I take back every "she's just a whiny girl thought that I had". Alisia, you seem to have a better grasp of how this game works than the average player. Any tips on inproving the diplomacy part? About the only thing I've looked into that so far is the no trepassing aspect. If you make that agreement, the AI will immediate fortify because its the moving that causes the breach of agreement not the actual presence of the unit.

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            I am one of those folks who went and changed the Powerbonus and the alloted time per turn for the ai...and I beleive it those changes made a significant differnce in the aggressiveness of the ai...the computer still only survives my wrath on impossible level because it cheats like Sean Connery on Celeb Jeopardy but its way more interested in looting my cities and pilaging my women and children than ever before...the next step IMHO is to teach it to make grand sweeping offensive as right now all it does is peck away at the edges of my empire.

            So erm Viva la Revolution and whatever



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              Joe77, I think you will find in these threads (including this one) that these values are unused by CTP 2.

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                heh well I feel like those changes did something...too bad for you if you didnt even try it cause some goofball said not too ..Azreal or whatever wrote the bad AI in the first place or what something to do with activision putting out this boo-boo...why should I listen to someone who put his to speak...on an unfinish product...

                and your canadian...I've played enough hockey in your country and listen to enough of your talk radio to know not to listen to anything you ferries my buttt-hole haha half your country plus alberta wants to break guys are all messed up ...but the sushi is great in vancouver so I forgive you


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                  Good luck fixing the game Joe77. Hope you get help.


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                    I'm sorry Slax that was a little bad please dont be mad


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                      Has anyone been able to determine if this change does anything?
                      P.S. Joe77, just think - if the Hudson's Bay Co. had done a bit better job you'd be Canadian.
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                        I tested it on palpatines super-large world map. It was about the industrial revolution, and the whole world was filled up. It took about 15 minutes per turn with and without the changes on a 700mhz computer.