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    Ok, This could perhaps help someone studying to "fix" the AI:

    Playing Gigantic world on Hard with 6 Civs.
    I hold about 10-12 cities on one reasonable sized island (shared with other civ). Am at war with a third civ (in fact, they sneaked me without formal declaration of war). Now, yesterday evening, they actually landed a settler accompanied by an infantryman off a longship in the middle of my cities. Not a clue where they thought they were going, because all the room left open is marsh, tundra or otherwise rubbish.

    But it did land a protected settler.

    And the protection didn't help <beg>

    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be
    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be

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    I have seen this quite a bit. In one of the files there is a code that tells the AI to protect settlers with another unit.

    It doesn't do it in the beginning but starts about the same time when longships appear.

    My last game the Koreans and Persians tried to cross my land with units, I would attack and find a settler as the second unit.
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