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Viva La Revolution or something like that

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  • Viva La Revolution or something like that

    Hi all..this is my first post here I hope it makes some sense

    I remember back in the old Civs that when you took someones Capitol city it cause the civ to fissure into to seporate civilizations. I thought this concept was really nifty if a little simplistic. I was reading somewhere on these boards someone had writting this kind of occurance into a colonization mod and I was wondering if that someone or peoples like him/her/it could show a layman how to add that event to the everyday game. It seems as it is now that no matter how many of my cities are revolting they never actuault leave my empire and not matter how often I incite a revolt with a spy, the cities goes barbarian instead of another new civilization. Also nothing seem to happen when I capture the cap cities of other nations.

    I am btw one of those folks who went it and changed the Powerbonus and the alloted time per turn for the ai...and I beleive it those changes made a significant differnce in the aggressiveness of the ai...the computer still only survives my wrath on impossible level because it cheats like Sean Connery on Celeb Jeopardy but its way more interested in looting my cities and pilaging my women and children than ever before...the next step IMHO is to teach it to make grand sweeping offensive as right now all it does is peck away at the edges of my empire.

    So erm Viva la Revolution and whatever


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    Well I instituted a little advanced revolution in my colonization scenario sorta thing, and the major changes I made was to the gov't type of anarchy, increased martial law effects, increased the effect of more cities than gov't can handle and increased the level of happiness required to not revolt....

    The anarchy changes were accomplished in govern.txt

    MaxMartialLawUnits 8 #Greatest amount of forced happiness
    MartialLawEffect 2 #Forced happiness by militia units
    TooManyCitiesThreshold 4 #Above this number causes unhappiness
    TooManyCitiesCoefficient 1.0 #Unhappiness per city above threshold

    The level at which revolution occurs was in const.txt

    REVOLUTION_LEVEL 65 #unhappiness level in a city that causes a revolution
    MAX_GOVERNMENT_CHANGE_TURNS 5 # Maximum turns to implementation of new government- end of anarchy
    UPRISING_CHANCE_PER_UNGUARDED_SLAVE 45 # Increased possibility of a slave revolution if city lacking militia
    SLAVES_PER_MILITARY_UNIT 2 # Slaves held in check per military unit in city

    These few changes increased the number of revolutions in a single game to around 10 per 1000 years or so. The only problem was that the AI would have no knowledge of these changes associated with gov't transitions (as per the real world) but the player could easily realize what was to happen and prepare for it. That was in the inital changes, the next is to see if SLIC can do anything....



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      very kool so these changes bring about single cities that splinter off and form say...the Germans or the Zulu ? or do they just form Barbarian cities ?

      hehe do know any changes that can be made so the splinter nation can keep its hockey teams ? harhar like canuck humor



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        har har....

        If the civ is in enough trouble multiple cities will leave and form another nation, in the scenario the americans are first... I've not looked into how to drop happiness when the capital is destroyed or captured...



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          thx for the responce Omni..yer a bud...


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            weee..I'm multi-replying to my own post heh...

            Ok I'm still having trouble with this...cities now rebel a lot more but they always go barbarian (is that like going lesbian heh) How do I make it so they will become a seporate nation like the Americans or the WElsh or the zulus or whatever ??

            aslo what do the lines below from const.txt do ?

            RIOT_LEVEL 73

            tthx again sorry for all the noise
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              if you want new civs instead of barbarians, go into profile.txt and change MaxPlayers= to some number other than 0

              History is written by the victor.


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                geez here I am again in my own post ack ack!

                thnx Alpha ...I have done that but I still get barbarian cities..its wont seem to go over 8 civs ie if there is 8 it will create a barb civ grrr

                I made Max = 16 btw if that means anything


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                  Alpha was half right.... as I was once upon a time...

                  the right spot to change is userprofile.txt


                  That means that the computer will add civs up to 33 and then barbarians...

                  The revolt_influence distance is exactly what it says... the higher the number the larger the chance that neighbouring cities will revolt... personally I like it lower around 4 so that maybe a small island colony will revolt away, but all of Europe won't

                  The riot level, is the level of happiness when fallen below will start riots in your cities. The city will not produce anything, and if happiness continues to drop it will revolt at whatever you set as the revolt level. Back to studying.

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                    Thanks for the correction. i actually knew that but forgot that it wasnt in the gamedata folder and thought they had changed another file on us. So hard to remember which files are actually used.

                    History is written by the victor.


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                      thx again guys I'll try that

                      dont look below or you'll miss out on that grand adventure that involves hunting for the "userprofile.txt" file

                      C:\ctp2\ctp2_program\ctp - this is its location


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                        Only if you followed Activisions pre-determined folder setup... for me it's r:\games\activision\ctp2\ctp2_program\ctp2

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                          do guys know what these following lines do in govern.txt from the Anarchy section ?

                          EmpireDistanceScale 0.00001
                          MinEmpireDistance 100
                          MaxEmpireDistance 4000

                          I'm trying to reduce the revolutions by just a bit..particulary the single splinter colony ones...

                          another problem is that the revolutions kill off all the units in the cities leaving them completly undefended...its no challenge to the human player to re-take those cities there any way to let the new country keep the units in the city ?
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