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Attn BlueO: THE AI PICKED A FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Attn BlueO: THE AI PICKED A FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was awesome! Im using your ai.slc and strat and goals files.
    The only thing I did was give human and ai 50000 gold, i didnt touch the PW.
    I started a 5 civ, very hard game on a gigantic map, all continent. I am Germany.

    The Irish went to war with the English in 2700bc.
    The Americans conquered Ireland in 825bc. Then they went to war with the Scots in 125 bc. They later parked two 9 stacks outside of berlin but never attacked. Then one 9 stack moved to Munich, and bombarded Munich, but didnt attack.
    *1120ad Scots attack Munich but fail.
    *1160ad Scots attack Berlin and fail.
    *1180ad Scots demand 400 gold "Or Else"
    *I reject their demands
    *Scots attack Berlin immediately with Cavalry and we fight to the last unit, with my lone catapult remaining.
    *A couple turns later, a Scot stack of 10 attacks Berlin before I can rebuild the cities defense force. They take Berlin!!!!!!!!!

    A couple of observations.....
    The 9 stacks that parked outside my cities, wouldnt attack most likely because I had an equal force fortified in the cities. When the 9 stack moved to Munich, it moved around for several turns and after i rush bought enough units to equal the enemy stack, it left.

    The second attack by the Scots that took Berlin, was the kind of thing I might do during a game, commit two stacks to take an important city regardless of the cost. In other words, the AI wanted that stinkin city cause I wouldnt pay their tribute.

    This is just awesome, the hair on the back of my neck bristled when they demanded money and then attacked when I refused. Then when they wore me down and then attacked again.....sweet!

    You seem to have hit on something here :-)

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    I LOST!!!!!!

    I went back to continue the game. I sent a 7 stack to Berlin for a token attempt to retake it and the Scots left it undefended....yay, got my capital back. But the Americans noticed Munich was poorly defended and took it.....then as I was trying to rush buy some units to defend my last city, the Scots took that.

    I must say, it was nice to be beaten down like that, nothing cheap, a real hard earned victory for the AI.

    I am curious why the Scots would leave Berlin was a good sized city with excellent production value. When I capture a large enemy city, I use it to churn out units quickly.

    All in all though, this is a good sign. Im gonna start another game to see if the good stuff continues.

    I will probably turn of the fog of war so I can watch the AI operate.

    It does seem the AI is actually "thinking" things thru, not just random skirmishes for no reason.


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      I give a second thumbs up. I'm using your ai update along with my own goals/strategies. My semi well defended capitol was attacked by a stack of 11 barbarians, which weakened me greatly. 2 turns later a stack of 9 "friendly" phoenicians walked up the river undetected and captured it. what a surprise. No little bitty armed raid but a ful fledged attack. Looking at the attacking stack, I do believe it would have won without the softening up attack by the barbarians. I decided to start a new game and save more often so that attacks happen, I can go back a few turns and see if how events played out.

      But I definitely have to totally change my game strategy. No longer can I just leave 3 or 4 units in a city and think its safe while I pump out wonders.

      Concrats on a GREAT game improvement!!!!!!!!!!

      History is written by the victor.


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        Yep, a MUST HAVE. And, DO be prepared to change your playing style. Start out by massively increasing your defense.
        CtPMaps (Hosted by Apolyton)


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          Thanks everyone!

          I'm really glad the ai is working out great! I was so disappointed in my last real game, when the ai built up TONS of units, but only bothered to send in a token force to attack my cities, after I nuked half of its cities.

          And yes, sometimes (before the slic code ai) the cpu will leave cities undefended. That has to do with the strategy/goal settings I used. With the slic code ai, there's a greater chance of ais leaving cities undefended, since it'll take a full stack out of the city to attack the player with. Well, with Wes's militia mod, that should solve the problem...

          Now that the offensive ai is working, we need to get a real diplomatic engine working. The diplomacy as is, is non-functional. Triumphus, it was pure luck that the ai attacked you with great force, after they threatened you. In my games[before slic code], cpu will threatened me, but always send in a token force which I can brush off easily. Then the cpu wll be requesting cease-fire. My slic code ignores any default diplomancy. Even if you ally a cpu, it'll still attack you, when my slic code kicks in.

          What I'm thinking is, through the use of slic, we can have the ai threaten/demand the player and actually carry out its threat with force. Its going to be complicated, and I'm not likely to implement such code. But this can bring up some very interesting possibilities.

          For example, I read somewhere, that the players should be able to send food caravans to an starving ai city to increase regard. What if we take it one step further? Say, the ai city starves, the ai might demand food caravans, or medical aid, etc from the player. If the player refuses, ai will attack! or do something else like terrorist actions.

          OR, we can have terrorists in the game, and each time a terrorist fails, it's captured. And the ai can demand the release of the terrorist, if not, it'll highjack a plane and we'll actually see a commercial plane flying out of a city. The player will have say, 2-3 turns to intercept this plane with a stealth bomber and load commandos into the plane to recapture it. If they fail, the plane blows up and causes major unhappiness somwhere.

          OR, after the ai gets neural interface, it can send in spies to capture important leaders. If it succeed, it'll attempt to brainwash the leader, and send it back to the which point, the leader will subvert military units and give them to ai control! But the player can send in its own agents and try to locate and rescue/terminate this leader before any brainwashing takes place.

          The possibilities are endless!!!

          The most important thing about diplomancy is, the ai must be able to backup their threats and demands with real force (whether via strong military force, or massive stealth actions -[that would be cool, being hit by 50 spies all trying to plant nukes])


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            Tieing in my thread on getting the AI to be diplomatic and yours, I can see a way I can tie my changes into yours based on the frenzy state. Using ChangeDiplomaticState and DesireMotivation SLIC commands (as in my SLIC code) and re-writing my diplo models based on these states, I can see this really happening. I'll show you:

            Frenzy 0: Normal AI agression - default diplo (I mod'ed it to actually perform pact/ally diplo in mine).
            Frenzy 1: Minor agression - FrenzyOne diplo model (requests/cease-fires). Skirmish basically.
            Frenzy 2: Nominal agression - FrenzyTwo diplo model (demands/threats). This change from requests to threats fits in with the 'more units than human' order.
            Frenzy 3: Maximal agression - FrenzyThree diplo model (WAR).
            Frenzy 4: Suicide agression - FrenzyFour diplo model (All out WAR!). No chance of AI initiating or accepting diplo with human.

            Because the diplo state for an AI would only change for human in the SLIC, the AI to AI diplo states are still run normally. And in my mod'ed diplo file, the AI actually does interact with each other. So therefore it would be possible for an alliance of AI's to kick the crap outa ya sorry butt!

            I'm gunna test this this weekend.

            Rommell to a sub-commander outside Tobruk: "Those Australians are in there somewhere. But where? Let's advance and wait till they shoot, then shoot back."