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Agressive tactics for AI

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  • Agressive tactics for AI

    One AI's problem is the lack of tactics it could use. May be we could teach the AI some tactics (like in chess game), so the AI will become more "intelligent" and in you case, I mean agressive tactics so my question is:

    How could we tell the AI to use some agressives tactics ?

    For example:
    - build a lot of naval armies and try to destroy all naval units of an opponent
    - when the AI is the first to have a significant advance (canon powder), use it to attack an opponent
    - use spies (or cheats) to discover unprotected cities, then try to take those cities in priority
    - if an opponent city is far from its capitol and not link by roads attack this city.

    If we add a lot of "human tactics" we used, the AI will become "better and more imaginative"

    So, do you know who we could teach him some tactics ?
    Apolyton QuickStart for CTP PBEM

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    In theory, what you ask is doable. Building specific units, figuring out locations of targets is easy. Getting the AI to attack might be harder. The code by BlueO may help there. Also, we'll have to balance the amount of Slic we add with the running time of the code.

    But your suggestion is interesting. If enough people write up code on tactics, that will create a good (and random) mix of AI strategies.