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explanation of a couple of flags

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  • explanation of a couple of flags

    I've been puzzled by a couple of unit flags, but had a vague recollection of being told about them by an Activision programmer way back when I started my Alexander scenario. I did a find command through my email box, and came up with this. I hope this helps the curious:

    >> And I have no idea what IsFlanker, IsMounted and WoodenShip do
    >Most units that are not flankers and not ranged can only attack a unit right in front of them in combat. A flanker can attack units in front of them as well as units to the left and right.

    >A defender with BonusAgainstMounted, such as a Pikeman gets that bonus defense against any attacker with IsMounted flag set. Same thing with WoodenShip and the Fire Trireme's AttackWoodenShipBonus (but for attack not defense).

    Thanks for the explanation. I already knew how flanking works, the thing that surprises me is that there needs to be an IsFlanker flag, and that simply defining the unit as a flanker doesn't do it (compare to a ranged unit- you don't need an IsRanged flag to have it act as a ranged unit). So I guess a unit could be told to act like a flanker unit, but not actually have flanker abilities in battle.

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    Glad to hear that. Perhaps then we can use the IsFlanker flag to make submarines and other appropriate units into flankers (Interceptors?) when they are not so defined by unit type. Thanks for the info.