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Not so obsolete of files afterall?

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  • Not so obsolete of files afterall?

    In an attempt to clean up my directories of the obsolete files (files marked as obsolete at I encountered a host of errors. At first I just deleted the files (glad I backed them up) and removed their reference in gamefile.txt. When I started the game up I got dozens of errors. First it tells me I am missing a file i am not (the file is there and its in the gamefile.txt. Then it tells me I have an unknown token in line 3 of unit.txt (sometimes its a different file it has a problem with). Then it tells me i am missing fields for icon,movie,gameplay,historical,Preq,Vari,Firstfram e,Starttext,LargeIcon,SmallIcon. Then it tells me unable to init the databases and closes.

    I experimented a little more and found that if I removed virtually ANY reference to an 'obsolete' file in gamefile.txt I got pretty much the exact same error. I put it back, game loads fine, take just one out, game craps with an error and chokes. I guess these files aren't so obsolete afterall.

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    Please tell me I am not going crazy. I posted this topic, then when going back to it, it appeared to changed to an older post of mine about the subject (I guess I forgot I posted something similar). Now it seems to be back to normal. I assume one of two things, I am being moderated :P, or I am going crazy. I have no problems being moderated if i posted something like this a while ago and simply forgot. I think I need to stop playing so late/early in the morning

    Now I am really second guessing both my memory and my sanity. Oh well, it has inspired me to make a new building or two. (Mental Health Center to increase happiness)

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      When they made the patch, they changed something which made it necessary to have all those unused files in your folders. However, they still do not do anything in the game.
      The patch was primarily for multi-play, and in multi-play you have to have the exact same file setup between all parties for it to work, so I figure this is the source of the problem.


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        I guess that makes sense. What makes more sense though is to patch it so regardless of what is in gamefile.txt it ignores those obsolete files when comparing the two player's directories. Why bother comparing game files that don't even matter? I assume that both the joiner and the host have to have the same version of the game in order to play. If both are patched to the same version, and each version ignores those obsolete files (which should not have been included imho) I see no potential for conflicting game files. Why waste even a hint of computer resources to compare files that do not matter at all.

        On that note it appears that in a multiplayer game the slic files are not compared. I can write in my own little dirty cheat in script.slc and the other people joining know nothing of it unless it messes up unit movements and things that would cause desynch problems. For example, I messed with my roommates head by adding this dirty part to script.slc.
        HandleEvent(BeginTurn) 'Iamadirtycheater' post {
        if(player[0] == 1) {
        if (PlayerGold(player[0]) < 50000) {
        AddGold(1, 500000);

        My roomate never knew what hit him until I was laughing so hard I couldn't help but fill him in.
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