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AHA! Here's why the game's so easy!

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  • AHA! Here's why the game's so easy!

    They screwed up the sliders!

    In CtP, every notch on the sliders led to a -1 penalty for your cities, *per population*. Thus, if you had a size 10 city, and you set your wages down a notch, you got a -10 penalty. You then had to set your food ration up a notch to compensate and keep the folks happy.

    The net result was that for all but the earliest stages of the game when cities were small and buildings and wonders could compensate for slider abuse, you were limited to a crucial balance. Every notch up had to be met with a notch down.

    NO MORE!

    Now, you are penalized a total of +1 or -1 for each notch, *regardless* of population! If you set your production at max and rations at minimum, you will get at most a -4 penalty per city, easily overcome by buildings and wonders, even in the largest cities!

    Activision, please fix this!

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    Silly me, I have been wondering why this was a problem in Ctp2. I had forgotten how things worked in Ctp1.
    And no, I do not know why they would have changed this in the sequel.


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      Anyone know if this can be changed via the flat files?



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        Well, if all other options fail, it's probably possible to compensate for this through SLIC.
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          That doesn't seem to be true. At bigger cities, one slider can mean 2-3 points of happiness. And when you start making pollution cities, (if you have pollution on) you'll need to adjust the slider to keep your people happy because city improvements won't be enough to counter the pollution. I know once i hit corporate republic, there's no way I can keep the slider at the best setting. I have to adjust it so my cities won't be unhappy.