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    I am sorry for any disappointments, but after trying for hours over a few days and starting over a couple of times, I find myself unable to make a map that includes Europe and Africa.

    I tried a height of 310, but still, when I try to make Europe proportionate to what Africa would be, it turned out unsatisfactory.

    I don't know if others feel this way, but I think creating a proportionate map on a more vertical scale is challenging. Does anyone agree?

    Oh well, I'm not going to cry over spilled milk, but again, sorry for any dissapointments. However, this does not mean I have given up map construction. I think I'm going to start a game on my North America map.
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    Well you can turn around the map so that North-South is along left-right. Will get more 'height' covered that way


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      I haven't tested changing the dimensions of a map... what was the max height you could get the AI to still build roads? Did they at the 160x310 or is 210 the limit? This is pressing since if the max # is based on total tiles the thinning out the map could improve it. By the way, were you using a to scale map or were you making Europe larger for more cities? I think I may pick up this project then if you don't mind after the holidays... I'm working on the Pacific rim still, but since my previews aren't up I can't show it. Predicted date of shipping is around mid January... and then I'll try Africa... there must be a way. The max dimensions both vert and horiz are important.



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        Anyone is welcome to take up the Europe and Africa map project if they wish to do so. I will trust you with your awesome powers, Omni.

        That is an interesting point about AI constructing roads since I never thought about that issue. How would they lay down roads on a more vertical map? hmmm . . . . .
        A lot of Republicans are not racist, but a lot of racists are Republican.