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Improve AI strategies in next patch plz

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  • Improve AI strategies in next patch plz

    I think the allready mentioned things are good but I would like to ad 1 thing :

    Let AI use the advantage to stack units for better attacks and defence also when moving and in the field.
    Barbarians never do that as far as I have seen.
    This makes them easy targets.
    I find that stacking 12 units will win any battle against AI in the fiend since they never do that.
    Also the combination of there stacks are important.
    That they don't attack with 6 catapults, etc

    These were allready mentioned ... :

    For the next patch (if there is one) I would like to see following list:

    * Fixed general AI behaviour so that it reacts more on dangers. For example threatening him with lots of subs and being a real pain in the ass causes the AI to build counter-sub units. Or bombarding one and the same city for more than 5 turns with Stealthbombers or normal bombers causes the AI to build ActiveAirDefense Units such as Destroyers and MobileSAM.
    * Fixed "Leave my land" option in diplomacy so that any Units currently in borders must leave land within 3 turns and if still in, will be sent to the next tile outside borders or the treaty is violated.
    * Fixed not having implemented Counter-Bombardment Bug by implementing it.
    * Fixed not having implemented ActiveBombardment Bug so that Artillery actively bombards Units that pass by.
    * Fixed bug that all Bombard Units of a Stack bombard a target even though it is destroyed already after the first unit finished its bombardment.
    * Added very aggressive AI behaviour so that it gets real mad when you take his cities and wants them back under all circumstances and uses all means (being very nice to you and then attacking you surprisingly...) to reach this goal!!!
    Live long and prosper !

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    The reson the Barbarian don't stack unit is the forcematch flags. The barabarian have 0 procent on all of them. Meaning that a barbarian attack whatever they can without calculating if they should attack(win). Other strategies have other values and try to stack to get upp to the match values.



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      This may surprise I've seen barbarians stack (8 warriors), early in my first (easy) game, the early wandering barbarians (do they replace the goody huts?)took the Americans completely.

      This left them, a few hundred years later occupying a mid-size island packed with warriors including the stack above.
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        I agree...the AI is a real clutz at combat. The only way it can even pose a threat is by the usual AI cheats. I don't mind the cheats that much...after all I don't expect an AI that can act with human cunning with our current technology. But I do mind an AI that doesn't react in a semi realistic manner. Please fix this....

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          Well the real problem is that the AI players seem to have no strategy at all. They have no goals set, like: "Man I hate those Canadians to death, I am going to take them down" and then tries to reach this goal by building units, holding them back until some attack stacks are ready, then possibly doing some smaller attacks on another place so that the player is fooled while he then (after some turns) launches a big invasion.
          What he does now looks something along this line: "Hmm I dont like the Canadians. I send a scout cavallerie to them. Ah yes. Great. I send a MG-Gunner. Hmm okay. I send a Battleship. Ahh I see. My Freight transport is ready I send it over. Hmm got lost, ah well. Lucky me I put no units on board. I build a Battleship. Hmm got lost. Build another. hmm got lost. build another. hmm got lost. build another. hmm got lost.... . He is bombarding my city with bombers. Gotta have to build some defensive units. Mg-Gunner destroyed. Building another. Mg-Gunner destroyed. Building another.... I dont care. All my Sea-PWs get destroyed. Have to build more Battleships. Battleship destroyed. Have to build another. Got lost. Have to build another. Got lost. Have to build another. Got lost...."

          Maybe the AI should value Submarine units more! Or maybe some ANTI-Sub units like PT Boats.

          Or maybe he should do some COUNTER-MEASUREMENTS!! Come on Activision it cant be that he does nothing against those 4 bombers that bombard him every 2nd turn! What intelligence is that?