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  • Revolution limits?

    Alright... I just had the AI have a revolution, and it split up Spain into the large cities still under Spanish control, and the smaller ones (less than 7) under Chinese control... the question is what should the limits for anarchy(should be renamed revolution since that what actually happens when you switch gov'ts) I was thinking along the following lines..

    MaxMartialLawUnits 10 - maximum effect of militia in city
    MartialLawEffect 1 - effect of each militia unit in city
    TooManyCitiesThreshold 2 - above this penalties incurred
    TooManyCitiesCoefficient 1.5 - unhappiness per city above threshold

    RIOT_LEVEL 70 - level of happiness that causes riots
    REVOLUTION_LEVEL 65 - level of happiness that causes a revolt
    REVOLT_INFLUENCE_DISTANE 4 - reduced to not have the hole civ fall due to one city

    Okay... I think that the levels above might be a bit severe, at least the 1.5 for every city above 2... the AI can't overcome that type of difficulty so I'm reducing it to 1.0... hopefully the AI will have enough defenses to handle this...

    Is there anyway to include revolt possibility into the AI scripting? or is it already included just needs to be increased...

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