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How well does CTP2 deal with mods?

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  • How well does CTP2 deal with mods?

    I know that C:CTP was a kludge trying to deal with different mods. Is changing mods in CTP2 seamless?

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    if you do a mod in the form of a scenario pack, i dont think you will have a problem. the three scenarios are actually mods...


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      You can make a mod by just making a scenario then removing the saved game (savegame.c2g). If you do it from the scenario editor, it'll set up the directory structure for you and everything, then you just have to remove the saved game by hand and change whatever you feel like (after first copying files you're going to change from the standard folders to your mod folder)

      When you're ready to play it, just select it as if it was a scenario then start playing.
      Joe Rumsey - CTP Programmer


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        so ctp2 will proceed as if it is a random map game?


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          I have already started work on the Medieval Mod II, and the scenario structure seems to be fine. If you look at the files in the scenarios which came with the game, you see that the structure is the same as in ctp1, with the addition that "all" necessary files can now be placed in the scenario structure.

          To make your own scenario, you can mimic the folder structure seen in the Alexander scenario, for example, then copy the files you want to alter from the standard game into their companion scenario folders and began your editing. You then need to set the scenario or/and packlist files, where you can again mimic the shipped scenarios somewhat, and you are set to go! Add your own scenicon and/or packicon tgas to give your work that distinctive flair, and voila, you have a juicy and delicious creation which all your relatives will marvel at and.... oh, sorry, did I mention it's Thanksgiving here in the US? Well, anyway, I hope you get the idea. Happy civing!