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  • SAP2 and diplomacy

    I have been playing the SAP2 and have enjoyed it alot. However i am somewhere in the middle game where i have artillery, calvary, and machine gunners and the AI civilizations are becoming annoying. It was an interesting game up until this point. I liked that the AI would attack with huge stacks. I liked that it was aggressive a point. Why are all the AI civs automatically hate the human user. It seems like they hate everyone. Everyone is at war with everyone else. Diplomacy is implossible. I am not a conquest type player but i can plat that type of game and enjoy it but it just seems like right now in my game the AI civs have destroyed each other to a point where the map looks like a polka dot pattern of conquered cities. Also i am the most powerful civ in the game and yet the AI still sends stacks toward me and attacks. Why??? it doesn't make sense. Like i said i really like the SAP2 mod but the AI just seems like it's running around with it's head cut off with no strategy. Like they are all barbarians or something. Another kinda gripe i have is why when the AI conquers a city it leaves it undefended. Also the city limit thing with the governments. The AI will conquer other cities but then have way too many cities and then their empire will fall into dissarray with unhappyness but they can't get ride of their cities. This cause a huge number of their cities to revolt. So my question is there a mod that complements the SAP2 mod that will make the AI not only tough but semi intelligent.


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    I would like to hear an answer to this thread too.
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      I have had this come up as well. Try giving one or two AI civs gold on an each turn basis. I have found that if there is a civ that I want to ally with Ill give it 300-500 each turn and ask for nothing till I get a better 'face'. This does seem to work at times. Also try not to bloodbath any cities..this does not help, but rather move the citizens instead. I was romping around bloodbathing one civ and low and behold my ally dropped all ties and 'disliked' me..doh.... Hope this helps...



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        Well one of the origonal problems and complaints about CTP2 was its nearly dormant AI. So it became the Holy Grail of the Mod makers to try to make it more agressive, to atleast make the game more of a challange - which it now is.
        Still its one of the things that is going to be resolved with the source code now released.
        Also the higher the difficulty level, the more agressive i think the AI behaves. Try playing a game whereby you choose the AI civs you play against(you can do this in the multiplayer mode), and pick the ones you think might be less aggressive(like Babylon etc).
        Keep in mind that this game has been on an on-going evolution since it was released - there were problems with it right from the begining and i suppose you could say its now in its 'teenage' era, hopefully with care and attention the clever folks working on the code will see it develope into the 'mature' game we all want to play
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          is there any way to change difficulty mid game? Im playing the 27 civ world map with sap2. Im failry far along would hate to have to start this beast over again.
          Allways vote banana, its high in potassium!


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            Ok....the solution i came up with to my problem is this. I changed all the city limits to increase the max number of cities for all governments. I also change the personalities of the AI so that more were conquest neutral. Now i haven't really tested these new settings out completely but i have noticed that the AI civs won't just automatically hate you. But yeah i will write back here and let people know how it goes.