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Apolyton pack problem

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  • Apolyton pack problem

    looks like this: i downloaded the apolyton pack and i tried to play it but ... what the f...?? my settler moves itself around in random patterns... what gives? hapens every time i try to play the apolyton pack mod...

    anyone aout there who can help me with this?

    EDIT: when i play OCC i get to have 1 (one unit), any more will automatically die at end of turn... damn
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    That's because of a bug in FrenzyAI. People have been complaining about another bug where an AI civ will attack you even though you have an alliance with them.

    If you want to play SAP without FrenzyAI download the attached file and put it in your ...\Activision\Call To Power 2\ctp2_data\default\gamedata folder.

    (It will replace the file that's already there.)

    edit: I don't know if the OCC problem you report has anything to do with FrenzyAI.
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      Thanks for the help!
      I am pleased to make contact with your entities. Die.