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    ok, this is kind of a stupid question but which utility do i need to view/replace the graphics for cities? also, i remember a long time ago seeing a file which had all the city styles from civ:ctp and ctp2. i think civ:ctp had some nicer looking futuristic cities. does anyone know where to find that file?


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    The city graphics are in this thread:

    The city graphics are stored in sprite files, and until recently have been unviewable except in the game itself, and only changable by creating new ones, and changing the text file numbers. Now Martin the Dane has written a program that will view the sprite files, and will allow changes to be made to the sprite. This program is still being developed, but you can find out about it here:
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      Also there were at least 4 unused ctp city graphics only one however ever converted to a city right as there were only ever one image of the city as it is when it has a large pop

      you can find this on an older thread called space scenario by pedrun it is way down there oh and don't panic the creator (aka me of the complete city set) allows you to use them in other mods and scenarios

      you may also find some other good stuff on the tread like my gui mod
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