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  • Loading txt Files @ Game Load

    Question regarding the changing/loading of txt files for scenarios.

    Are they always reloaded fresh when a saved game is loaded or only a new game ?

    Seems to work with some ( obvious changes like units ), but don't know if othes have the same effect.

    I know that SLIC needs to be reloaded, but txt ?

    Also once a scenario is set up ( fixed starting positions, map & units ) do some of the text files NOT have an effect ?

    I tried to change the Civilisations cities and leader name strings, and personalities but they remianed as original ?

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    Why would you want to load up like that surly anybody making a scenario would just load it up from the beginning.

    Possibly not if he is cheating or has slic involved.
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      Once you have saved the scenario file, the rules are saved into it, so that when you change the text files again, you have to resave the scenario file.

      Also, whenever you reload a saved (scenario) game, you have to start a new game with the scenario rules before loading the saved game. This ensures the rules are loaded correctly before you play.
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        Re Loading Text Files

        Thanks for the replies.

        No, I'm not cheating !! Rediscovered CTP2 after a year or so and am trying a couple of scenarios ( SPQR Ancient ones in particular ) and am trying to find out how things work and modify them to how I want them to work !

        I havve noticed that some of the txt files seem to have an effect, eg I changed the strategies to alter the PW % for a civ and that seemed to work.

        Likewise the Units.txt values seem to take effect.

        Having issues with getting the AI to build appropriate units. Never seems to be in the % specified in the strategy.txt.

        Should the % in SeaUnits refer to the CATEGORY in the units.txt, or just the referenced build list ? Might not help that SPQR re-uses things and defines the AIR_UNITS build list for cavalry.

        The AI just seems to build loads of cheap archer types. Is that part of its routine to select on cost as well as unit type ?

        Also does it create a build q, or just evaluate each time a q is empty ? Where are the parameters that evaluate that ?

        Maybe too many questions, but how else to learn ?