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CIV NIGHT(S) Like a poker night for CTP

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  • CIV NIGHT(S) Like a poker night for CTP

    I was thinking about starting a night a week multiplayer game. This would be run off TCP/IP Internet game and would be played for 3 to 4 hours per night once a week.

    I was thinking that maybe we should run the Apolyton "naked" senario (which is simply a random map with the Apolyton mod. This is open to opinion.

    The days I was thinking were Tuesday or Wedesday or Thursday. It would start at 10P.M. EST and run to 1 A.M. or 2 A.M. If for some reason you can't make a day we can always run the AI on you.

    P.S. If it turns out a lot of people are intreasted in this than we can start numerous multi playing games running with mods or scenarios at different days or maybe the same day. (basicly let's start a whole bunch of games so that Everyone can play if they want to)


    P.P.S I feel we can get games going alot faster than PBEM, and finish sooner.

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    I'm interest in a TCP/IP Internet game on friday 22th, saturday 23th or sunday 24th of october. I'm available:
    - friday from 21:00 GMT+1 (3PM EST) to 02:00 GMT+1 (8PM EST)
    - saturday from 9:00 GMT+1 (3AM EST) to 04:00 GMT+1 (10PM EST) or more
    - sunday from 10:00 GMT+1 (4AM EST) to 18:00 GMT+1 (12AM EST)

    I prefer play CTP without any mod.

    If you are interest, leave a message here or mail me at

    ICQ: 18503104
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    Apolyton QuickStart for CTP PBEM


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      Huh no replies expect one.

      Anyway I am starting a CIV NIGHT it will be on wedsday 9PM to 1AM (EST) It will be a standard game no mods, no scenarios anyone is welcome to join it will be dinamic join with 8 players on a hugh map.

      Hope to see you there.
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        Forgot to mention. The game will be on the server.
        Also at 1 AM I will save the game so that it will get finished.


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          good idea!
          i was looking for internet play for a long time but only found 1 person...
          i wanna finish up my current game but count me in... in about 2 weeks


          ICQ#: can't remember at the moment so e-mail me