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  • Blue Max's Multiplayer Game

    Hi Everibody,

    As a first experience I can say I loved it.

    I received a message in 150BC saying somebody (Blue Max?) had disconnected and somebody else was hosting the game.

    I finished my last turned (100BC) and it looks like I was the last to get out. I hope everibody finished their turn OK.

    Strange thing happended while reconnecting in 150BC; I had 100PW and lost it. Well it's no big deal.

    Can't wait to play you all next Thursday and look out for those mighty Egyptian.

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    I have two saves of the game; right after Blue Max left and one turn later.
    "The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved - loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."--Victor Hugo


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      we're fine - i had auto save on - frappier, check the chat box off and on during play - the apostrophe key that is left of the enter key - good start to the game!!!


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        Ugly.....Got off to a decent start then things didnt go so well.....Stuck on gilligans island.....crappy terrain.....A-hole barbarians..... excuses, excuses.....My first ctp multi and I enjoyed most of it..... but boy do I have alot to learn.


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          I have a few questions:

          - Are we playing doughnut or round, I forgot.

          - How do you call up the chat box ? Can you chat with Civ you haven`t meat ?

          - Any rules I should know about, like for sneak attacks ?

          - Don, What is you`re Civ ?

          Pfew, Thanks for the answers.


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            It is not that easy.

            1-I have passable terrain, my main benefit is having a number of rivers in forest/jungle. Terrain is key to a good start.

            2-The Ruins have not helped me greatly, but haven't hurt me at all. Remember the Greek AI was "utterly defeated" on the first turn. I picked up enough gold to cut a couple of turns off production of a few granaries.

            3-Because I was able to locate my cities on rivers, I could allocate workers to science and still maintain an adequate growth rate.

            4-I spend alot of time betwen turns tinkering with the placement of workers, PW levels and happiness components to get optimum production/science, depending on what I am doing. I had to reaserch three advances(REL,THEO & AST) to build Stonehedge as quickly as I did. My unit production suffered during that time, you will see that on the power graph.
            "The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved - loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."--Victor Hugo


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              the rules r that there r no rules - all is fair in love and war

              to bring up chat box c response above

              playing on doughnut world

              don - tips
              1. building on a river to start is a must(near forests if at all possible) along with exploration - i always build a couple of warriors early just to explore

              2. growth is critical at the start - max out work hrs and send slavers out

              3. if u get behind in the science race it is over - tweak some of your cities in order to get advances quickly - go for stonehenge or philosopher's stone - philosopher's stone allows u to trade advances with other civs - of course in our game they are both already built


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                Thanks for pointing that out max. (sarcasm)

                Thanks for the tips guys.
                And no rules is fine with me.

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                  Congratulations on a excellent start.
                  Your ranking line is skyrocketing to the moon.

                  I walked away from this game last night shaking my head and going " Im in over my head here"
                  How do you guys get the science rate that you guys must get.
                  And what, you devote your first or maybe second city to building a wonder almost right away.
                  And max had a city at five

                  I think we are playing on a doughnut world and yes you can chat with any player anytime.
                  As blue max says above the chat box can be activated with the apostrophe key beside the enter key.

                  I dont know about any special rules like sneak attacks, I'll leave that one for swissy and Blue Max.

                  I am the americans, please dont hurt me.

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                    A few things about your advice though.

                    1. Any food that i could get had to be from the ocean because the whole damn island was practically swamp. Well the first island anyway, the second one was alot better. But I had to build a boat to get there. Do coastal towns make good science towns?

                    2. Yeah, I realize rivers are great place to build, the only problem is I didnt find any.

                    3. I always build cheap warriors too for scouting land for a new city and checking out ruins. Mounted archers are better for this but it depends on the terrain.

                    4. Maxing out work hours is a good idea which I will try, but why send out slavers when you are on a Island. But in another situation the Increased production from slaves would be helpful.

                    5. The ruins helped me at the start I got some recruits and a fair bit of gold. And I also spent it on a granary. But as my warrior was exploring the second Island I came across two of them side by side. The first one was a mounted archer and the second was those A-hole barbarians, who then proceeded to wipe out my my horsy dude and then the warrior. (dont laugh) It gets better. Then those barbarians wandered over to my second city on the second Island and attacked it and killed the city. That was my stupidity in not having that city well defended, i guess.
                    But since I had alot food tiles and noticing that i was losing the science/wonder race I was concentrating this city on science(even though by that time I was way behind) And production was poor in this city. They got to me before I could beef up my defences.

                    6. That leads me to my second question, do you need rivers to maintain food in your cities if you put your workers on science. Will grassland be enough to support the city?

                    I have started a single player set up similar to that multi game and have been tinkering and tweaking trying to implement your suggestions.

                    I realize that its basically over for me but I will try to put up a good fight when you come to kick my butt. If ya want me too drop out I can do that too.


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                      u r not out of it - it is early yet - getting stuck with swamp is harsh - i assumed we would all play to the finish


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                        It is very very early in the game and something tells me the fight will be very tough with lots of opportunities for everibody to go up and down.

                        I only have a single tiny river and no forrest under it, but I had the benefit of a few goods from the start and I picked a couple of science in huts so I am quite please with my science progress but not much else is good under the Egyptian sun.

                        I had to build a few units to defend against neighbours and this being my first multi-game I felt insecured against invasions, so I beleive the conbination of science/units is inflating my position on the power graph.


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                          1-Coastal towns are excelent for science. Beach and water squares have 5 gold. The only better is a hill with a river, 10 gold.

                          6-Grassland has 10 food, plus 5 for the city, gives you 15 food which is aduquate until you grow to 2 pop.
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                          "The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved - loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."--Victor Hugo


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                            Hi Guys

                            Thanks for all the advice

                            Hopefully everbody is as keen as I am to play tonight.

                            See ya then